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More Excitement in Game of Thrones Season 5 Episodes

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3: Jon’s Snow Special Moment
Big Divergence in Game of Thrones Season 5 Book

After things got a bit slow and sluggish for the beginning of Game of Thrones season 5 (well, after season 2, things start to get too dramatic occasionally and a bit slow, I’d say), they start to get a little spark and entertaining. It’s like you are going back to the exciting, surprising, and entertaining season 1 with all the twist and turns, and also unexpected events.

What I am talking about is the action, naturally. You will get entertained with more actions in this season 5, especially after episode 3, after Jon Snow having to take a big decision like a man and the leader of Night’s Watch. As if all the expectation weren’t enough, be prepared to be thrilled with High Sparrow arrival – along with the tension and excitement, naturally – and the British actor, Jonathan Pryce, within the scenes. Be prepared, though, as you are about to reveal some of the spoilers. If you haven’t seen the series and wish not to know the story and plot, it is better for you to stop reading and get on with your life – forget this article ever exist. Continue reading only on your own risks.

Anyway, about Jonathan Pryce….you know that he’s a good actor with very impressive acting quality, don’t you? Well, his involvement within the scenes in the next episodes of season 5 will definitely bring new surprised and plots in King’s Landing. If you think that Pryce will make everything seem normal and good, that’s your wrong, because his existence within the lot will only make things worse – be prepared to see more backstabbing and unease settings; not to forget the hidden threats between the characters.

You’ve had your chances to lay back and relax with all the scenes of Arya, the dark dungeon, and her broom sweeping moments, but now it is game on with more promising actions and the villains and protagonists intertwined. Of course, the early highlight is Jon Snow’s moment where he beheaded Janos Slynt’s for not following his order – kind of reminded you of Ned Stark’s scene when he had to do public execution of a Night’s Watch deserter, right? The same transformation happening to Daenerys within the previous episode, so it is kind of interesting to see the young souls are growing and developing so fast – they may be promising candidate for the Iron Throne, anyway.

Seriously, things are going quite fast and mysterious here – in a good way, though. Pryce is appearing as the High Sparrow, with his character playing interesting mix between Gandhi and Francis of Asisi, but watch him closely and you will see malevolent and suspicious twinkle in the man’s eyes – should you be suspicious of him?

And then there is Margaery Tyrell and Tommen marriage, with Cersei being left desperate and being cynical on her own. Will Tommen get rid of her easily? But that won’t be fun, will it? At least we expect more from the cunning Cersei…

And let’s not forget Littlefinger plan to match Sansa to Ramsay Bolton, who tries to look innocent and good for himself, but we know he has the heart and ability to torture Theon – as well as hunting a girl for sport. Can Sansa’s life be more chaotic than the current one? What’s Littlefinger plan, actually?

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3: Jon’s Snow Special Moment
Big Divergence in Game of Thrones Season 5 Book