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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3: Jon’s Snow Special Moment

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If you read Game of Thrones series, you know that there are some iconic scenes that are memorable and unforgettable, and then brought into the movie scenes. And one of that iconic moments is involving Jon Snow.

There is a special moment in Game of Throne season 5 episode 3 that is worth watching for, but those who haven’t watched this show up to this season need to know that reading further will reveal the spoiler; and it is at your own risk – we have warned you. As usual, there is always a combination of drama concerning dwarf kidnapping, religious extremes, and dangerous betrothals, and Jon Snow is forced to take actions like a real man – not a green boy anymore. He has definitely developed. He has to take actions as a leader and put aside compassion or pity – well, some people don’t really deserve it, anyway.

In this episode, Jon has to show his leadership as the Night Watch’s Lord Commander and takes drastic measurement against Janos Slynt’s ignorance. When Janos refused his leadership by not following his order and dismissing Jon’s authority – and yes, he has been given the opportunity to think things clearly overnight – Jon decides that Janos should be set as an example. The man is beheaded by the leader. You will find this moment special and favorite, as Jon finally rises and takes his stand as a man.


Okay, so here is the storyline: when Jon was appointed as the Night’s Watch’s Lord Commander, many still sees him being incapable and ‘green’. Many don’t really trust him, simply because he had spent times with wildlings. Many think of him as a very inexperienced boy who can’t really do anything. Although he deserves the title and post (because he has better fighting skills and better education than other brothers in Night’s Watch), many still doubt him for his young age – including Janos.

Although Jon has tried to be fair in his first formal meeting, Janos still tests his patience. After Jon appointed Ser Aliser Thorne as the First Ranger – despite their not-so-great relationship – he commands Janos to guard Greyguard, which is a fortress in need to immediate repair and additional men. Janos refused and Jon still gives him a chance over a night’s sleep so Janos will have straight minded the next morning.

But it is proven that Jon’s patience is worth nothing as Janos even laughs at Jon’s order to pack up his stuff and set off. Running out of patience, Jon orders the stewards to hang Janos at first, but then changes his mind, and beheads him instead. This crucial moment shocks everyone as they see Jon as this strict leader whose order can’t be dismissed. Too bad it is too late for Janos to realize his mistake.

Karma can come knocking on your door, after all. What comes around goes around, especially for Janos. He was responsible for Ned Stark’s beheading, and it seems that what he had done in the past, now finally happening to him. Sansa Stark witnesses Janos’ beheading, and she witnessed her father’s beheading before. Jon Snow is definitely becoming her hero – and ours, as well.

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