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Understanding the Religious Concept, the Group, and The Purposes

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You probably have watched Game of Thrones series for several seasons, but not many episodes are dedicated to explaining what the Westerosi religion is. It is not about the faith only, but the religious and fanaticism movement. Just like other beliefs, some people are truly fanatics about the things they believe and they form a kind of religious group that would do anything to keep their faith pure – at whatever cost.

If you don’t really understand what the Faith is or who the High Sparrow is, you will learn more from Game of Thrones season 5. Some of the information may contain spoilers, so you should stop reading if you haven’t watched all the episodes in season 5. You probably have been presented with the High Sparrow and how they are more than just a threat to the kingdom’s ruling. The organization believes that they should keep the belief pure, and they believe that impurities affected the King’s Landing; they intend to remove it and they would do anything to do so – even being violent.

Understanding the Faith

Also known as the Faith of the Seven, it is the religion practiced in the Seven Kingdoms, especially in the south. It’s similar to Catholicism, but they believe in seven deities: the Mother, the Father, the Crone, the Maiden, the Smith, the Warrior, and the Stranger. Just like Catholicism, the Faith has its own ‘Pope’, known as the High Septon as the head. He resides in Great Sept of Baelor in King’s Landing.

Knowing More about the Sparrows

They are the people practicing the Faith. Their main goal is to help Westeros people after the Five Kings War, where corruptions and chaos take place. It is safe to say that they are trying to find peace and justice where everyone can get equal and fair treatment. They are named just like the birds because such species is considered as the most humble. That’s why the Sparrows only wear basic clothes, cut the hair really short, and they don’t even wear shoes – because they don’t have them.

Since the Sparrows come from the repressed and impoverished people, they only want to end the suffering – as well as helping others along the way. The ideology seems right, but there are always some people who form a small group with deviation purpose. They are more interested in destroying the current political and power, and focus more on gaining their own agenda in the name of religion. These groups are the Baratheons, the Lannisters, and the Tyrells, for example.

Who is High Sparrow

Just like other beliefs, all religious groups require a leader, and High Sparrow is the leader of the group. In this series, he is played by Jonathan Pryce. Not much of him is known since he is just being introduced in season 5 and episode 3. His mysterious background is what makes everything interesting since viewers still don’t know what kind of agenda he has in mind, or what kind of plans have he formed in his mind. I guess we all have to wait and see what the Sparrows want and how their movement is going to be.

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