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What to Expect in Game of Thrones Season 3 Season Finale?

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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 10

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After seeing many episodes of Game of Thrones that are rushing your adrenaline with the arrangement of the story, now it is the time to say good bye to Season 3. However, before it comes to the end, let’s count down ten things that should be appeared on the finale season.

10. No Pain No Gain, King!

Let’s come to our king of all season, King Joffrey. Maybe along all seasons, he was still too confused to point what he wants to be due to his immaturity, but after grown up confidently, surely he will be able to bring his “boat”. However, if it’s no action means there is no more fun, so let’s give him a punch to show him what the real world is.

9. See The Stannis’s Effort To Get The Groove

You surely remember about Stanis, right? After following the damage loss of Blackwater, now he has new task, which is doing something about his relationship with Melisandre plus finding new course for the next season because Davos has been pout from the cave and all imposters have been dead.

8. Finally, Bran Makes a Story!

For the weakest story line, Bran takes more attention than Sansa. Fortunately, story went to climax when he said goodbye to Osha and his brother, but we hope we can get more about him in the finale episode plus a claim that he will be back for more next season.

7. Confrontation For Daario and Daenerys

As for this season, something personal happens between Daenerys and Dany, which does not make Jorah happy. Is a confrontation will be the closing story of those three people? Is Barristan Selmy will join the party?

6. What John Knows

After raveling a lot, he decides to put the card of Crows before heroes on Ygritte. It could be a sign of confrontation with Ygritte in fact he can do something better than that, such as warning his brother maybe?

5. King Slayer Comeback

Well it is so hard to say comeback for Jaime and Brienne in this finale episode after some daring rescue in two episodes before, but the chance is not closed yet, especially if it’s about Jaime interaction with his companion.

4. The Long Lasting Offscreen

After the Winterfall is mad empty so suddenly, then we become curious to some people like Theon, Yara, Balon, GreyJoys, what’re they doing then? For Melisandre, is her new poison will bring something to Greyjoy?

3. Let’s Guess Theon’s Friend!

Fans have been awarded with some payoff scenes about Theon who pays his criminal, now the camera will focus on who is the bastard’s foe, and perhaps finale episode will leak some clues of him.

2. What’s Arya Move?

After passing through passive time, Arya will need a power after the red wedding’s moment. The question is leaving Hondo is the way out? Hopefully Jaquen H’Gar will make good comeback.

1. Red Wedding Memory

Fans will still remember about the bloodshed in Red Wedding ceremony, and surely Lanisters and Frey never leave the body of Catelyn Stark and Robb peacefully, so what they’re doing? What’s happen to Brynden Tully and Edmun?

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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 9 Review
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